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Hey, what’s up? Rui Santos here!

I’m the founder of RandomNerdTutorials.com. You can read more about me here.

Thanks for being on my website. I love watching people from all around the world trying my projects.

Since January 2013 I’ve posted almost 100 free blog posts on this blog and I’ve received hundreds of messages with great feedback.

After a months creating all this content I’ve decided to create this page.

Creating these tutorials takes a lot of time. Attention, I’m NOT Complaining! I’m just saying it can take up to 24 hours of work to post a single tutorial. And  I do this for free, because I love helping others with my knowledge.

Sometimes making the project is much more easy than posting the tutorial. That’s why I don’t post some of the projects I make, because I simply don’t have more time left. I’m also studying Electrical Engineering full-time.

If you also love electronics and you enjoy my work, please consider helping me creating more content.

How you can help?

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Any money I’ll receive It’s to pay for new equipment, buy more parts and improve my projects. That’s how I can keep this blog alive.

Thanks so much for all your help and support. I’m really grateful for that.

If you have technical questions please post a comment in the comment section of that project.  Or you can contact me here.

Good luck with all your projects,

Rui Santos