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1. Partnerships and collaborations

For partnerships and collaborations, use our contact page.

2. Do you have technical questions related to a specific blog post or tutorial?

If you have any doubt relating a specific project, you can write a comment on the project page. We’ll make an effort to answer your doubts. However, please note that due to the great amount of comments we receive every day, we cannot assure you’ll have an immediate answer.

We don’t write custom code for you. We can’t write entire programs for you. We receive many emails per day requesting complete tutorials. There’s not enough time on the day to do that. We make an effort to make our codes as general and documented as possible, so that you can easily modify the code yourself. However, if you have any doubts feel free to ask by letting a comment on the project page. We may give you quick tips on how to modify your code, or redirect you to a specific project tutorial.

3. Are you having trouble with your purchase?

If you’re having any trouble with your purchase, you can contact us by sending a message on our support page.

4. Do you have any questions regarding our courses?

If you have any questions regarding our courses, contact us by sending a message on our support page.

5. Do you have suggestions for a specific project?

If you have ideas for a new project, you can send us a message using our form below. Please note that we don’t make custom projects!

6. Would you like to write a project for us?

If you’ve built a project and you’d like to document it and post it in our blog, write us using our form below. If the project is good, well documented, and related with our blog, we’d love to publish and share it with our audience.

7. Having technical problems with the ESP8266 or ESP32? ESP8266 Troubleshooting Guide or ESP32 Troubleshooting Guide

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