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Hi! My name is Rui Santos, an entrepreneur from Porto, Portugal. I love Electronics, Internet Marketing and Blogging. 

Since 2011/2012, I’ve started learning everything I could about Electronics and I’ve never stopped. I try to read a lot and take action on what I learn. And come up with new projects and tutorials.

What is RandomNerdTutorials about?

Random Nerd tutorials aims to be a free blog that provides content that will help you with your electronics projects. You can click here download all my projects for free.

My Work

If you’re interested and you want to see some of my work, check out the links below:

How I Got Started

I’m 23 years old and I’m studying Electrical Engineering at FEUP. Two years ago I began researching how to create a blog. And I’ve decided that creating one would be the best way to share my electronics projects and tips with the world.

I’ve created a course called Blog1K.com that teaches how blogging can improve your career if you’re a Programmers or an Engineer. Click here to signup.

Make sure you connect with me!

The best way to reach me is by leaving a comment on my blog posts. I take time out every day to read and answer every single comment from my website. But I also recommend you add me on your favorite social media (Facebook or Twitter)! (Or simply go to my Contact Page) Thanks so much for reading my story.

Good luck with your projects,

Rui Santos