Build ESP32-CAM Projects
using Arduino IDE eBook

Build 20 projects with the ESP32-CAM using Arduino IDE: photo capture, web servers, email notifications, video streaming, car robot, pan and tilt server, face detection, face recognition and much more.

Build ESP32-CAM Projects using Arduino IDE eBook PDF


What’s Inside the eBook?

Build ESP32-CAM Projects” is an eBook with 20 projects divided into 5 Modules and 400 pages long. The ESP32-CAM is a development board with an ESP32 chip, an OV2640 camera, microSD card slot and several GPIOs to connect peripherals.

Here’s what you’ll have access:

  • eBook in PDF format (5 Modules, 400 pages, 20 Projects)
  • Source Code + Full Schematics + Parts List + Pinout Diagrams
  • Unlimited Free Updates (future projects will be added to the eBook)
  • Access to a private Forum to ask questions
  • Exclusive access to our Facebook group community

What you’ll learn:

  • Take photos and save them on microSD card or SPIFFS;
  • Build a web server to display and take photos;
  • Send photos captured with the ESP32-CAM via email;
  • Control and monitor ESP32-CAM using Telegram App;
  • Create a video streaming web server;
  • Run an IP cam connected to Home Assistant or Node-RED;
  • Build a remote controlled car robot with camera;
  • Control a pan and tilt stand to move your camera remotely;
  • Face detection with face-api.js;
  • Face recognition comparing two photos with face-api.js;
  • And much more…

Continue reading for the complete Table of Contents…

Module #1: Getting Started with ESP32-CAM

ESP32-CAM Projects eBook Rui Santos Sara Santos Module 1
  • Getting Started with ESP32-CAM
  • Preparing Arduino IDE for the ESP32-CAM
  • Camera Web Server (Video Streaming and Face Recognition)
  • Troubleshooting Most Common Problems
  • ESP32-CAM Flashlight and External Pushbutton

Module #2: Take Photos: Time-lapse, Camera Settings, Web Server, SD Card Manager

ESP32-CAM Projects eBook Rui Santos Sara Santos Module 2
  • Take Photos and Save to MicroSD Card (Time-lapse)
  • Photo Filename with Date and Time Saved to MicroSD Card
  • Change Camera Settings
  • Take Photo and Save to MicroSD Card with Pushbutton
  • Take Photo and Display in Web Server
  • Web Server SD Card Photo Manager: Capture, View and Delete

Module #3: Take Photos and Send Notifications

ESP32-CAM Projects eBook Rui Santos Sara Santos Module 3
  • Send Photos via Email using SMTP Server
  • Motion Detector with Photo Capture and Email Notifications
  • Take and Email Photo with a Web Server
  • Take and Send Photo to Telegram App
  • Motion Detector with Photo Capture and Telegram Notifications

Module #4: Video Streaming, Pan and Tilt, Car Robot

ESP32-CAM Projects eBook Rui Santos Sara Santos Module 4
  • Video Streaming Web Server (Start and Stop Buttons)
  • Video Streaming Web Server with Sensor Readings
  • Video Streaming IP Camera
  • Remote Controlled Car Robot with Camera (Web Server)
  • Pan and Tilt Video Streaming (2 Axis)
  • ESP32-CAM IP Camera: Raspberry Pi and Node-RED Dashboard

Module #5: Face Detection and Face Recognition

ESP32-CAM Projects eBook Rui Santos Sara Santos Module 5
  • Face Detection Video Streaming (Age, Face Expression, etc)
  • Face Recognition (Comparing Two Photos)

Extra Units

  • ESP32-CAM Access Point (AP)
  • ESP32-CAM Static/Fixed IP Address
  • Pinout for ESP32 Camera Boards

Invitation to Join our Private Forum!

This eBook comes with an opportunity to join our private Forum of like-minded people where you can ask questions about the eBook or other related subjects. You’ll get direct help from Rui and Sara or from other active members of the community.

Recommended ESP32 Camera Board

This eBook is fully compatible with the ESP32-CAM AI-Thinker board – it comes with an OV2640 camera, microSD card support, 4MB PSRAM and external GPIOs to connect peripherals – see figure below.

Other ESP32 development boards with the OV2640 camera are compatible with some projects. We provide the pin assignment for the most common ESP32 camera dev boards: TTGO T-Journal, M5-Stack ESP32 camera, M5-Camera without PSRAM, TTGO T-Plus, ESP-EYE, etc…

For example, projects that involve using the SD card are just compatible with boards that support microSD card. Projects that connect external peripherals are compatible with boards with exposed GPIOs.

For projects that don’t require a microSD card nor external peripherals, the M5-stack ESP32 camera with PSRAM is a great option.

Programming Language

The projects in this eBook cover programming the ESP32-CAM using Arduino IDE and the “Arduino programming language“. At the moment, the eBook doesn’t cover programming the ESP32-CAM with MicroPython.

Download the eBook

  • 5 Modules (PDF eBook with 400 pages)
  • Source Code
  • Schematic Diagrams
  • Parts List
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Exclusive access to a Private Forum
  • Access to our Facebook group
  • English language
  • Created by Rui Santos and Sara Santos


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All projects contain step by step instructions and all the resources to follow along even if you’re not familiar with the ESP32.

However, keep in mind that this eBook doesn’t cover basic concepts related to ESP32 – so if you’re new to programming you might not be able to fully understand the code. To learn ESP32, you might consider enrolling in Learn ESP32 with Arduino IDE course instead.

Yes. However, depending on the board you’re using, you won’t be able to follow some of the projects.

For example, projects that use the microSD card are not compatible with boards that don’t have microSD card support. Projects that use peripherals are just compatible with boards that have exposed GPIOs.

Yes, I often update all my eBooks, so everyone who purchases gets free lifetime updates. You’ll also have access to future content that we’ll add to the eBook.

Well, if you don’t like it, I don’t want your money. Seriously, that’s why I offer a 60 days money back guarantee. Email me here and I will promptly refund all your money. No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple!

If you still have questions after reading this page please email me here. I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

The eBook is only available in English language.

Meet the Authors

Rui Santos

Hey there, I’m Rui Santos, founder of the Random Nerd Tutorials blog. For the last couple of months we’ve been working on this new eBook dedicated to programming the ESP32-CAM boards with Arduino IDE. This eBook is our complete guide to take the most out of the ESP32 Camera development boards. If you like my work, you’ll certainly like “Build ESP32-CAM Projects” eBook.

Sara Santos

Hi. I’m Sara Santos and I work at the RNT blog with Rui. We’ve created the “Build ESP32-CAM Projects” eBook to provide an easy way to get started with this amazing ESP32-CAM board. This board allows you to build complex projects with real world applications. By the end of this eBook, you’ll be able to make your own video streaming servers, robots, surveillance systems, and much more. I’m sure you’ll like it.

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