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Random Nerd Tutorials is an online resource with electronics projects, tutorials and reviews. Creating and posting new projects takes a lot of time. At this moment, Random Nerd Tutorials has nearly 100 free blog posts with complete tutorials using open source hardware/software that anyone can read, remix and apply to their own projects.

To keep free tutorials coming, there’s also paid content or as I like to call “Premium Content”. To support Random Nerd Tutorials you can get Premium content below.


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Learn ESP32 with Arduino IDE Course

Register in our brand new ESP32 course with Arduino IDE. This our complete guide to program the ESP32 with Arduino IDE, including projects, tips, and tricks! The registration is only open for the next few days, so sign up now.

Home Automation Using ESP8266 (3rd Edition) – eBook + video course

This eBook is my step-by-step guide designed to help you get started with this amazing $4 WiFi module called ESP8266.

If you’re new to the world of ESP8266, this eBook is perfect for you. If you already used the ESP8266 before, I’m sure you’ll also learn something new.

This eBook contains the information you need to get up to speed quickly and start your own venture with the ESP8266 applied to Home Automation! Read full product description.

$29.95 (20% off)

Build a Home Automation System for $100 - eBook + Videos

Learn Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, Arduino and Node-RED.

This is a premium step-by-step course to get you building real world home automation system using open-source hardware and software. Read full product description.

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Arduino Step-by-step Projects – Build 25 Projects

My step-by-step course to get you building cool Arduino projects, even with no prior experience!

This Arduino Course is a compilation of 25 projects divided in 5 Modules that you can build by following clear step-by-step instructions with schematics and downloadable code. Read full product description.


Android Apps for Arduino with MIT App Inventor 2

This eBook is our step-by-step guide designed to get you building cool Android applications for Arduino, even with no prior experience!.

Android Apps for Arduino with MIT App Inventor 2 is a practical course in which you’re going to build 8 Android applications to interact with the Arduino. Read full product description.

$29 (30% off)

Electronics For Beginners

This eBook is our step-by-step guide designed to help you get started with electronics. Electronics For Beginners lays out the essentials of electricity with practical examples.

Learn about electronics components and how to read and build circuits. You will also use the 555 timer integrated circuit, learn how to use a multimeter and tips about soldering. Read full product description.

$14.95 (27% off)

RNT Lab - The Ultimate Shortcut to Learn Electronics and Programming

Here’s what’s inside the RNT Lab:

#1 - Full access to all Courses inside the members area

  • Electronics for Beginners
  • Build a Home Automation System for $100
  • Build an IoT Gadget with the Blynk app and ESP8266
  • ESP8266 – Build a Powerful Web Server

#2 - Full access to the Toolbox (PDFs that help you use a board or sensor quickly)

#3 - Access to the Forum and Facebook Group where you can get help directly from me

#4 - Weekly/Bi-Weekly tutorials with practical projects

#5 - Plus I’ll be uploading new tutorials on a regular basis like: Building Robots, Android Apps, Home Automation Projects, and much more

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