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Arduino Announces New Brand, Genuino


The purpose of Random Nerd Tutorials is to share interesting electronics projects, tutorials and reviews with open-source hardware. This means that I usually don’t write blog posts about news, but it’s happening important changes to the Arduino brand, so I think it’s relevant to share this piece of news to create awareness.

The staff of the Arduino.cc company, led by Italian Massimo Banzi, announced at Maker Faire Bay Area 2015 a new global brand called Genuino. Earlier this year, Massimo explained the problems with their former manufacturer. In the meanwhile, distributors and the Arduino community have struggled to get new Original Arduino boards from the founding group.

The idea is to bring the Arduino.cc of Italy to the United States. Massimo announced a partnership with Adafruit which will be responsible for the whole manufacturing part of new Arduino boards.

The first Arduino Uno will have its production started in July. Without court fights and a new strong brand called Genuino will allow the Original Arduino group to be legally protected. It will also make it clear to the community that supports the maker movement, that when you purchase an Arduino board it’s from the Original Arduino group.

Watch the video below where the staff of Makezine interviews Massimo Banzi on Genuino and the new partnership with Adafruit.

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