60+ Arduino Projects and Tutorials

The Arduino is a small computer that you can program to read information from the world around you and to send commands to the outside world. All of this is possible because you can connect several devices and components to the Arduino to do what you want. The Arduino is the best way to get started into to the world of digital electronics.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Enroll in our Free Arduino Mini Course – get started with Arduino.
  2. Start making projects with the Arduino Step-by-step projects course.
  3. Follow our free Arduino tutorials. Here’s a list with +60 Arduino projects and tutorials:

Guides for Arduino sensors and modules

Projects with Android applications

Data logging projects

GSM based projects

Home automation and web-based projects with Arduino

Arduino projects for beginners

Other projects

Arduino Step-by-step Projects Course – Build 25 Projects

This Arduino Course is a compilation of 25 projects divided in 5 Modules that you can build by following clear step-by-step instructions with schematics and downloadable code. Take a look at the Arduino Step-by-step projects course.

Android Apps for Arduino with MIT App Inventor 2 Course – Build 8 Apps

Android Apps for Arduino is my step-by-step course to get you building cool Android applications for Arduino, even with no prior experience! Learn how to make awesome Android applications to control your Arduino (8 projects included).