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Hantek DSO5102P Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) Review


An oscilloscope is a great tool for debugging and better understand what is going on with your circuits. Unlike a multimeter that only shows the voltage at a specific moment, with an oscilloscope you can see what’s happening with the voltage over time.

In this article we’re going to take a look at the Hantek DSO5102P Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO). This is an entry-level oscilloscope great for students, beginners and DIYers.

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Here’s some of the most relevant features of the Hantek DSO5102P Digital Storage Oscilloscope:

  • Bandwidth: 100MHz
  • Real time sample: rate1GSamples/s
  • Display: 7.0-inch color display, WVGA(800×480)
  • Record length: up to 40K
  • Trigger mode: edge/pulse width/line selectable video/slop/overtime etc.
  • USB host and device connectivity, standard
  • Multiple automatic measurements
  • Four math functions, including FFTs standard
  • Provides software for PC real-time analysis

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