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1305406_4981883718950_2052567020_nI’m Rui Santos, founder of Random Nerd Tutorials and author of BeagleBone For Dummies. If you’re new to the world of Arduino, Beaglebone, ESP8266 or Raspberry Pi, this page is for you!

It contains the information you need to get up to speed quickly and start your own venture in the electronics world! (If you would like the longer version of my story, you can find it over here.)

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Choose Your Own Adventure

I love the electronics and the open source community. So all my projects are completely open source and based on the following electronics boards. So go ahead and pick one of the boards below:

Most Popular Tutorials, Projects and Resources

Here’s a list with some of my most popular blog posts:

BeagleBone For Dummies

I wrote a book called BeagleBone For Dummies for Wiley Publishing Inc.. This book took more than 7 months to complete. Me and my good friend Luís Perestrelo put a great deal of effort to do our best work possible.

You can order my book today on Amazon by clicking here or the image below!


If you’re not sure that the BeagleBone is the right board for your project. You can either read my Getting Started with the BeagleBone Black series. Or read this page.

Home Automation Using ESP8266 eBook

Like the ESP8266 WiFi Module?

I’ve wrote an eBook dedicated to this $4 WiFi Module.

If you want to learn how you can use this cheap WiFi Module in your projects check out Home Automation Using ESP8266 eBook!

Click the image above to download.
Click the image above to download.


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P.S. As I’ve said early that you can download my free eBook on this page right here. Don’t forget, do it now (it’s free)!

P.P.S. Here’s a link for my book BeagleBone For Dummies available on Amazon.