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Exporting and Backing Up your Node-RED Nodes


This post shows how to export your Node-RED Nodes.

This is useful if you need to:

  • Backup your Node-RED flow
  • Move your flow to another Raspberry Pi (or machine)
  • Share your Node-RED project with others


Imagine that you had the following nodes in your flow:

exporting Node-RED

You would need to click the deploy button on the top-right corner to save your application.

7 - Deploy Your Application

Then you would select with your mouse all the nodes that you wish to export and they would be highlighted in orange (as shown below):

select Node-RED nodes


Now with the nodes highlighted, you open the top Menu, go to Export and select Clipboard.


A new window opens. Copy the text that appears and save it.

export nodes

This is how the text looks for the flow demonstrated in this example:



Now you could go to another Raspberry Pi or a machine that has Node-RED installed and you could simply import your flow.

You only have to go to the Import menu and paste your nodes in text format (as show below).


Important: If you have previously installed extra nodes (for example Node-RED Dashboard), you’ll also have to install those nodes in your new machine, otherwise the Import process will not work.

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