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Home Automation Server is LIVE!


HomeAutomationServer.com is now live!

In one sentence: “We provide a free platform that allow you to control your home from anywhere in the world.

This is the project that you probably heard about a few times for the past weeks, If you’re following my facebook/email/twitter updates.

This platform took be 4 months to create and design… It’s still running on beta mode, so many modifications and bug fixes may occur for the next days.

Now what to do?

Step 1 – Create an Account

Create here to create your free account!

Step 2 – Follow our tutorials


(The GIF version is not working so click here to view in a new page)

This website is:

  •  Mobile Responsive
  •   Login Protected
  •   Accessible from Anywhere
  •   Perfect to test your Home Automation ideas…

After you login you can control your:

  • House Lights
  • Doors
  • Relays
  • Live Webcam (with rotation)

Step 3

Enjoy. Start creating your own projects and tell your friends, what are you waiting for? Join today It’s free!

Click to get Started now!

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Thanks so much for all the support,

Rui Santos


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