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First thanks to every one who spent their time watching and trying my projects! (And also filling the survey). It means a lot to me! I’ve received 42 answers. It was a great response.

I wasn’t expecting so many to be honest with you. It was awesome to see what you think and what you want to see next! As you may think It will be impossible for me to please everyone, but I’ll try my best to reach everyone.

Anyway let’s talk about the new Random Nerd Tutorials format.

The majority of you choose 2 videos per month.

So this mean I’ll release a new Video Every Other Thursday.

It starts this week!! There’s an overall look:

  • 21th of November: Video Tutorial (It’s going to be a Random Tutorial about anything related to electronics)
  • 5th of December: Arduino Project
  • 19th of December: Video Tutorial (It’s going to be a Random Tutorial about anything related to electronics)
  • 2nd of January: Arduino Project
  • and so on… (Remember It’s Every Other Thursday)

I hope to start with Raspberry Pi projects before the end of this year!

Yes that’s right… It was the Raspberry Pi that won. I know that a lot of you choose the PCDuino. Both are great boards they have their strengths and weakness. I’ll be working with the Raspberry Pi for now.

I’ll definitely get a PCDuino one day.


(by the way I still need to order my Raspberry Pi, a power supply along with others cables that I currently don’t have. So It will take me a while before have everything I need.)

To sum up, those dates above show exactly what you can expect to see next on my website. In the meanwhile I might upload some reviews and unboxing videos.

So stay tuned for everything that it’s coming out.

How can we keep in touch?

  • Email – Simply enter your email below (If you already downloaded my projects before, you don’t need to enter your email again.)
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Good luck with your projects,

Rui Santos

P.S. I’ll try to keep my promise of creating a new video every other Thursday, but keep in mind that I’m currently studying… and sometimes it can get though to post some videos during my exams. But I’ll try my best to keep consistent!

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