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Top 7 Gifts for Makers and Electronics Hobbyists – 2015


It’s that time of year when you usually buy or receive gifts. It’s not very hard to buy a gift for a maker. There are always new tools or boards being released every single month that we would like to get.

But our girlfriends, spouses, significant others and family members in general have no idea what a good maker gift is.

That’s why I put together this list! You can either buy some of these gifts for yourself or share it with that special someone.

So, without further ado, here are my top 7 gifts for makers and electronics hobbyists for 2015.

Prusa I3 3D Desktop Printer

Nowadays, everyone wants a 3D printer!

Now, you can easily have one for under 500$.


You can buy one here.

Samsung SSD EVO 250GB

An SSD (solid state drive) is a good alternative to the hard disk drive (HDD) if you want to have a top perfomance computer. An SSD will make your computer really fast.

A few months ago I tried one of these and my computer now is ridiculously fast.

You will not have problems replacing your old HDD for an SSD, since you have SSDs swith the same standard dimensions as HDD, so, it is compatible with most laptops. You just have to make the switch, which is really easy. However, if you have problems with this step, there are many youtube videos explaining how to do it.


Although it is a bit expensive around 90$ and doesn’t have as much storage as an HDD, it is worth every cent.


You can buy one of these here.

Drone for under 50$ – Syma X5C-1

There are many drones available at very affordable prices. I believe a drone is the perfect gift for you, for a friend or even for your kids.

This model Syma X5C-1 is really easy to manipulate, it comes with a 2.0MP HD Camera and it comes fully assemble. The flight time is about 7 minutes so, I recommend you to buy extra batteries.


You can buy one here.

Raspberry Pi Zero

This new Raspberry Pi is half the size of the old models and it just costs 5$!

Additionally, it is 40% faster than Raspberry Pi 1. It is currently out of stock, but it should be available again in the upcoming weeks.


37 Arduino Sensor Modules

If you like Arduino, a package with 37 arduino sensor models would be the perfect gift for you (under 40$). Buy on eBay here.

37 sensors

Hakko Soldering Station

When it comes to circuits, a good soldering station makes all the difference! If you don’t have yet a soldering station or if you need to replace your old one, this is a good alternative.


You can have one of these here for approximately 95$.

Arduino Starter Kit or Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit

If you are new in the world of electronics, the best way to start is having an Arduino starter kit or a Raspberry Pi 2 starter kit.

Choose one of these kits to start, they came fully equipped with everything you need to get instantly started.


You can find an Arduino Starter Kit here.


You can find a Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit here.

What would you like to receive or give these holidays?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and make sure you share this post with a friend that likes electronics or has to buy a gift for you :).

Happy holidays,


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