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7 Arduino Compatible Displays for Your Electronic Projects


The Arduino board has a wide variety of compatible displays that you can use in your electronic projects. In most projects, it’s very useful to give the user some sort of feedback from the Arduino.

Whether it’s a sensor reading, an ok message or to create an interface to interact with your Arduino board.

There are several types of displays compatible with your Arduino, here’s a list of 7 of them.

1. TFT LCD display

With the TFT display you can display colorful images or graphics. This module has a resolution of 480 x 320. This module includes the SD card socket and SPI FLASH circuit.

View this display on ebay ->

TFT2. TFT LCD touchscreen display

This module is similar to the TFT LCD display, but it has touchscreen.

View this display on ebay ->

tft touchscreen

3. Dot matrix

The dot matrix has 64 leds, 8×8. You can control each led individually to display letters, numbers, figures, etc.

You can attach several dot matrices, to have a bigger area.

View this display on ebay ->

dot matrix

4. White OLED display

This is a tiny display with just 1 x 0.96 Inch. This display has a black background, and displays characters in white. There are other similar displays that can show the characters in other colors.


View this display on ebay ->


5. 16×2 character LCD display

This usually the first display most people use when they first start using the Arduino board.

It displays 16 characters in 2 rows (there are also other sizes available). These displays come with a blue or green background and with a backlight.

View this display on ebay ->

1602 lcd display

6. 5110 LCD display

These are the kind of displays used in old Nokia cellphones.

The background is grey and the characters or pictures are displayed in darker grey. They are very cheap and easy to use.

View this display on ebay ->

5110 lcd display

7. 4 Bits Digital Tube LED display

This display allows you to display 4 digits with seven segments. It’s useful to display data from a temperature sensor, for example.

View this display on ebay ->


Wrapping Up

Have you have ever used one of these displays? Which display you use more often?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Thanks for reading,


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