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Arduino – Control LEDs with IR Remote Control


Today I will talk about how you can control any device using a remote control and your Arduino.

First you need to go to this page and download the IR library. Simply follow the read me file to install. I think that any IR remote control can do this, I’ll be using a Philips Universal remote control.

Parts required

You can use the preceding links or go directly to MakerAdvisor.com/tools to find all the parts for your projects at the best price!

Infrared receiver pins:

IR receiver labels

  • First pin: Vout, outputs HIGH when no signal is present and LOW when a mark is received.
  • Second pin: GND.
  • Third pin: Vcc.



And go to your arduino IDE > file>examples>IRremote> IRrecvDemo. You need to upload the sketch to your arduino, open the serial monitor and start using your remote control and see which values the arduino is receiving.

After a while I’ve wrote down which values appear in the serial monitor when you press the volume up key or any other key, and write it down for all the keys you want to use. And they were:

  • Power:  E240IMG_0177
  • Forward: E250
  • Reverse: E248
  • Volume+: E244
  • Volume-: E254
  • Mute: E24C7

You will need to convert those hexadecimal numbers to decimal, you can use this tool for that. Then just need to change your remote control values from my arduino code.

Upload the code below

Watch the video demonstration

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