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Tools – 200$ How To Set Up An Electronics Lab


I know that I have almost all the information on my tools page, but here I will leave some photos of my lab and some tips!

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Arduino – Free Book for Beginners


This guys Earthshine Electronics have produced a great Arduino tutorial. It has everything explained in detail, schematics diagrams, program code and all the instructions that you need to understand what you can do with the Arduino board.

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Arduino – Ultrasonic Sensor with LEDs and buzzer


Hi guys, This is my first tutorial,  I’ve just started a few months ago learning electronics (previously I’ve just knew how to program in C and Python). When I finished this project (took me about 5 hours or something) I’ve decided to share to help anyone that is starting in electronics.

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Arduino – Quick Guide for Beginners


Hi guys, I know that with a quick search you will find a ton of Arduino beginners videos, but I’ve decided to make my own version.

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