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Home Automation Server – Project Example Tutorial


In order to complete this tutorial you need to create your free account at HomeAutomationServer.com.

What’s this all about? “We provide a free platform that allow you to control your home from anywhere in the world.”

After you create your account you can find a complete tutorial tutorial inside, but I’ve decided to post here a sneak peak!

This tutorial example is something really easy that anyone can follow trough. This was the best example I could create to explain how this works. After you test this example you can create your own project with more advanced features. Just an idea, you can replace those LED’s for relays. And instead of controlling a simple LED you can control a 220V Lamp or your garage door. I’m currently working on those more advanced tutorials.

Parts Required


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Schematics – Example


How to Insert your Webcam

Watch the video below to learn how to insert your webcam.

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I’ve decided to hot glue my servos like that, this was a quick setup that I’ve made. But I encourage to get one pan and tilt and make something better. Keep in mind that you’ll need to change the servos positions in my code (variables: “bServo” and “tServo”).

Upload the Arduino Code below

Click here to see this Arduino code above on Github.com

(Don’t forget to change your unique “user_key” that we provide inside HomeAutomationServer.com)

Demonstration of this Example

To complete the tutorial…

Click here to create your free account!


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