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Arduino – Control 220V Lamps from Anywhere in the World



If you’re following my email/facebook updates you know I promised more tutorials related to Home Automation.

In this tutorial we’re going to control 2 lamps with an Arduino and an Ethernet Shield. If you have an Internet connection you can control those lamps from anywhere in the world.

Watch the Video below

First make sure you watch my youtube video above, where I explain the whole process in more detail.

Parts Required


Go to Home Automation Server

Click here to go to HomeAutomationServer.com to create your free account and start editing your Dashboard with 2 new buttons.  (for example: Button #1 – Desk Light and Button #2 – Desk Light)

Receiver Circuit


Click here to Download the RCSwitch Library. Install it an Re-open the Arduino IDE. Then open the example “ReceiveDemo_Advanced”. Upload the code and open the serial monitor. Start pressing the buttons from the Remote you’re going to use and save them.

Transmitter Circuit


After you complete  the transmitter circuit. Upload the Arduino code below. (Change the user_key and the if statments as shown during the video)

Click Here to Download the Arduino Code

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P.S. Make sure you watch the youtube video above otherwise you might not fully understand some of the steps.

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